Maxtronic Technologies LLC
      A Design and Manufacturing Company
Manufacturing Services:
The turnkey production from material purchases to final product distribution
Experience in assembling, soldering and testing of printed circuit boards.
Offer comprehensive services of PCB assembly, full assembly and testing of more advanced configurations.
Perform temperature cycling, conformal coating, burn-in, debugging and testing of the manufactured equipment and its parts, including the design of testing methodology.
Cable and wiring harnesses  (cUL file:E316582)


Design Services:
      Support all phases of developing, testing, documenting and maintaining an electronic product:
Digital electronics (including  FPGA logic)
Analog and RF electronics
Microcomputer or microcontroller board- or box-level product
Embedded systems
Upgrading/enhancing existing product using latest technology
EMC pre-compliance testing
Working with UL and CE labs for product approval